By Farahna

You once asked me 
what my perfect world would be like.
I didn’t answer 
because I didn’t want a fight. 
What was the point of
dreaming of a perfect world, when
the reality was a nightmare 
that kept me up all night.

I knew it wasn’t 
the same for you
because you saw perfection 
in everything. You used to say 
that beauty was everywhere; 
all we had to do was 
just stand and admire. 
You saw beauty when 
the sun kissed the horizon; 
how the crisp clear blue made way 
for ribbons of lilac and gold 
and how the red blazed in clouds, 
setting the sky on fire.


You saw beauty 
in staying up through the night,  
breathing in the same 
silent darkness that expects nothing, demands nothing,  
yet accepts everything.
I tried to see it through your eyes,
I did. But those sunsets 
were fleeting, and the nights
were boring. It struck me then
what my perfect world
would be like. It would be 
these moments with you 
Even if they are everything 
but true.

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