I’m inadvisedly starting this blog while I’m elbow deep into my Midyears, typing away amidst drowning in papers to revise and other subjects to pay my undivided attention to.( Linguistics,  Math, Literature and Physics. Oh wait, that’s all my papers) Yet here it is, completely divided, one part on my anxiety for the exams,  one part on just thinking of anything that’s better than studying,  and the last on just the urge to write. So write I will.

This blog (will it even be sufficient to be called a blog? Only time will tell) will serve as a refuge for my mind, to take shelter against the storm of A’ levels and everything in between. This, hopefully, will help me keep in contact with my love for literature,  as the mechanical nature of school attempts to reduce the beauty of it to answering questions. I’ll probably begin by writing about the texts I’m currently studying,  and maybe move on to my favourites,  past books, and even start on new ones( all in a mixed up, non-chronological way; don’t worry, sometimes messy means a constantly thinking mind). Yes, it all sounds very ambitious, and I’m not even sure if I’ll get past this first post, but the aforementioned time can only be the judge of that.

If you’re that one soul amongst the millions on this planet ( Hi mum!) who has found yourself stumbling into this ghost town of a blog, fair warning: academically impressive vocabulary,  extensive use of poetry devices, outstanding understanding of thematic concerns, these are all adjectives that I have never heard being used to describe. Well, it’s fine for me; I’m a student, I’m always learning and trying to improve.  And anyway, I really don’t have an audience in mind, apart from myself, and myself works well with simplicity. So I hope you bear with me and my uneducated nonsense, as we happily trek through the exciting landscape of English Literature.

And thus abruptly ends my initiation to this blog, and starts our unplanned, completely spontaneous and exhilarating literary road trip. Put on your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.